Ski Tests with Rain suck

Yesterday took a toll on me physically. Maybe not in the typical way that you would think that skiing would in terms of being beat up or just plain tired from endless runs down your favorite terrain. I had the opportunity to do some ski testing for a local Utah magazine, which I was stoked to do because anything to help out I am stoked on….usually. The test was fun for the mere fact that I got to chill with some of my friends and meet some new people, but it was difficult to test skis that don’t really favor a huge progression in our sport. I realize that most of these skis exist for the recreational skier and that is awesome! We need those just as much as we need the big stix for us to shred around on, but it’s difficult to hear people talk about these skis like they are so progressive. Much to be learned……..
I don’t want to dwell on that situation too much. It is just simple frustrations that I feel like I come across in the changing process of Freeheel skiing and helping people see that it is really the JAM can be difficult when companies enthusiasm lies in projects that are not going in that direction…
On another note, it was a bit wet up there at Snowbird with pouring rain at the base of the mountain. The temps were low enough up top to allow the snow to fall a bit and the skiing was actually really fun, so it was nice to get out and shred some turns.
I’ll admit that this blog is really not that exciting….just had to get some shit off my head, even when it doesn’t make sense. peace.



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