The Last days

Going up to film today at Park City really made me realize that spring is here and that the beloved white stuffe is slowly going to pass away just like it does every year. The Powderwhores crew and I hit up Brighton yesterday, but due to a late start had a difficult time really doing much. Speed was definitely and issue and despite our efforts to tuck, spray shit on our skis, etc. the day proved to be difficult and we didn’t really get as much done as I would have liked.
Today was a bit better though. We decided to go up early to PCMR and try and get on the jumps before they melted away, which happened around 11 or 12. My buddy Dan Campbell came up to shoot some stills and we had a good day. Overall I got some shit done that I was hoping to….but when you wait ’till this late in the season, you kind of have to take what you can get.
My only hope is that I have a decent segment in the PW06 movie and that it shows growth in my skiing. That is all I can really hope for….then work hard this summer to come up with some new improvements for next year.
On another note, I went to play my open mic again at the neighborhood cafe and it was killer. I actually had a bunch of friends come and check it out and I felt much more calm and really enjoyed sharing some of my songs with new people. Looking forward to playing out more as the summer progresses and writing and completing some new material.

Hung over breakfast jaunt last weekend.



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