Winding down

It is most definitely spring time here in Salt Lake City. I am now sporting some sandals and shorts with the occasional hoodie for the nipping mornings when the wind is blowing a bit and sun just hasn’t quite warmed up the air. Today is bluebird in the valley, but the sun has been trying the fight it’s way through the clouds all day long, which is nice because I don’t know if I am truly ready for the 75 degree weather. I know that my white nasty skin is excited for it though, so I guess I should welcome the friendly rays with open arms, no pun intended.
Had a pretty casual morning of emails and computer work, which if you have read any of my blogs you know that I enjoy the computer time when I can just zone out and let my crazy ideas take over my mind and body. It’s not another personality as of now, but who knows in the future…I may have to get some thick black rimmed glasses with tape on the nose piece and a pocket protector in order to match up my personality and work habits.
Tomorrow the skier gets to come back in the picture though. Early morning chair with Steve Lloyd to shoot a sequence shot for Telemark Skier magazine for next season….then spending the day with The Powderwhores in the park, mainly working on jump shots and maybe some rail work. I mostly want to focus on jumping though…so we’ll have to see. Thursday we are going to try and hit Park City and do the same thing and then Friday I am doing Ski testing for Freeride Magazine @ Snowbird.
I got another downer press release this morning regarding Marc Andre Belliveau, who was paralyzed from the waist down in a ski crash the other day. This winter has been absolutely horrific in terms of injuries and deaths. My thoughts go out to Marc. He was a completed bad ass that helped change skiing in its present form. I hope he copes the best he can.



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