Segunda Feira

The weekend was rad in terms of about everything…..I was able to get some more filming done with the Powderwhores up at Brighton in some fresh snow. The snow was amazing for the first half of the day before it warmed up, but hey 20″ of fresh in April is my kind of deal. Spent most of that day dropping cliffs, which are becoming something I am enjoying more and more of. I have always liked them, but I am really trying to focus on going bigger and stomping my landings clean. It gets to be a bit of a game in my head and I enjoy the logistics of it while I am out there. Next season I hope to start adding in some new tricks off of more BC features and within the lines that I am skiing. I definitely admire guys like Pep Fujas who have really mastered the art of combining the two together.
Yesterday was more of a chill day…..I went from skiing Pow to about 75 degree weather in the Valley. Taking my shirt seemed like a great idea until everyone I was with told me how hideously white my skin was. ? . What can you do when you have cloths on for the entire winter….haha. I guess it is time to get a tan and even out the nasty goggle line on my face and get some color on my body.
This week I am going to be working quite a bit on material for the last month of winter up in the N. hemisphere and developing concepts for the upcoming season. The thing I am most excited about it the announcement of the Monster Squad. A selection of kids that I feel are the next wave of freeheel skiers that are really going to change things up! Should be a fun week…..



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