Face Shots

Starting with last night and the open mic experience…….it has been an extremely long time since I have felt that much adrenaline pumping through my body at once. I played 3 songs and felt that they went well. For the most part all of the vocals were on and I was able to play fluidly and fortunately didn’t mess up. It was amazing though…..and the people there were great. Most of them were middle aged and had a very folky influence to their tunes, something that I really enjoy. I could learn a lot from playing with them, and I hope to as I continue to refine my playing in public.
I think the thing that is beautiful about life and music is that it is a bond that most of us can relate to, regardless of where we are from or how we grew up. There is an incredible synergy that is created by sitting down with people and sharing something that you have written or creating something that didn’t exist before that moment. I look forward to sharing some more of my tunes in the future.
As if last night wasn’t enough to satisfy me for the week, I awoke to a city full of snow. April 6th and it was just dumping! I met up with my buddy Simon from Massachusetts and we headed to Park City. The shred was on and no one was really on the mountain all day long. I think the most memorable runs of the day were up in McConkey’s Bowl in the trees….the weather was horrible, but the high winds kept refilling the tracks so we just kept going back. Other than the fact that I was trying to charge on a pair of center mounted twin tips (forgot my big boards at home…yes I’m a dumbass) the pow was phenomenal!
Face shots all day long are the best remedy for any ailement I can think of, so i guess that means I shouldn’t have any bad days for a while…..
The week goes on and is almost over. If the weather clears in the morning the plan is to go shoot with the Powderwhores and try and get a few more shots for my segment with them. BJ Brewer, the master Jedi himself, was talking about hooking up a cat ride for us early in the morning, so we’ll see what happens with that. I am sure the BC is out of control right now with how high of winds we had today. Where we were thinking of going is pretty mellow in comparison, but if they got he wind loading and snow that i think they did, we might be waiting a few days to slay it.
I guess my blog will be more exciting tomorrow if I go skiing and less exciting if I don’t………



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