The levitation party

From the looks of the weather report for the week, it appears that we are about to have 50 to 60 degree weather with rain showers. I can’t imagine that the snow is going to hold up for too much longer under these types of conditions….just part of the season though.
Last night we had an April fools day Levitation Project Party at The Depot in SLC. Good times for sure…..we had a slide show with photos from this season, a bunch of give aways and it was great to see all of my friends from TLP. I always enjoy the conversations that ensue when I get around all of these people and we can just talk about what really matters, living out our dreams. So many great things are on the horizon with life in general and it is nights like these that everything really comes to life.
Today is beautiful here in town….I probably should have gone skiing or filming today, but I opted to take the time to sleep in and enjoy a cozy morning of laying under a warm comforter before venturing to the Cafe to indulge in an afternoon of writing and planning for this week. Can the day get any better? Reality of it is…I just have a bunch on my mind and felt that by adding something to the entire day would only stress me out instead of helping me relax. For the first time in god knows how long, I had all of my website content done on Saturday and it was sent off….so I can actually have some down time.

Listening: Minus The Bear



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