Drizzle Drizzle

The condesation on the windows of the cafe makes it difficult to see outside to what has been going on around me for the past couple of hours since I arrived here. Weekends can be relaxing when I can find the time to come to a my little spot here near my house and hide out for hours at a time. I have mostly been focusing on writing articles today for fhl and also about to do a resort review for Three Magazine that is out of Salt Lake City. Who would have ever thought I would end up writing so much?
My friends from Falling Forward Films finally took off to Jackson last night and I am stoked to have some time to just be by myself and to get some work done. It is always more difficult to do those types of things when people are staying at your home and you want to make sure they are having a good time while they are in town. I wish them all the best in the last of their travels this season. It looks like Ben is meeting his girl in Jackson and then they are off to the Northwest and Max is going to be heading back to Crested Butte to start pounding nails for the summer.
The weather in Salt Lake is cold and raining right now and it seems as though that might be the case for the next week. The flowers are coming out and spring is obviously around the corner. There is obviously things to still do with skiing, but I am mentally getting into the spring summer mode and beginning to focus my efforts on other aspects of my skiing and career.
There seems to be a lot of work coming up in the next little while and that is always exciting! Just a half an hour ago, I found out that my buddy in Colorado might be able to hook up some work for a Nature Valley commercial out there. Sounds like some heli time and filming. I would love to do something like that, so we’ll have to see if anything comes out of that in the next few days.
Hope the weekend goes well for everyone…tonight The Levitation Project Party!



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