F*&^% Clouds

It can become somewhat amusing and at the same time very annoying that clouds can dictate the amount of ‘work’ one can get done in a day of skiing. I know…I know….hard work eh? The light is super important for this filming stuff though and I can’t tell you how some days I just want to go back under the covers in my bed, knowing already that the blue skies outside are going to turn to grey the moment we reach our destination for filming for the day.
This was the case this morning as we headed up to The Canyons to work on some stuff with the Falling Forward guys….got to the top of the mountain just as the bluebird goodness was swallowed up by the grey shit I hate so much. We managed to shoot some cool super 8 B&W though and drop some rocks. Overall, I felt like I nailed what I could considering the conditions and what we had to work with.
This week has been crazy with a couple of tragedys happening. The first is this kid EJ Poplawski, who took a huge crash at the Tele Extremes and had to have his leg amputated above the knee. We have been keeping the site updated with all of what has been going on and it is nuts. I personally cannot fathom the concept of losing a limb like that. My thoughts go out to him as a fellow freeheeler. Then just today, my buddy Dan Campbell-Lloyd told me about a good friend of his that got hit by a train…. He was shooting a Kayaking film and was going through a tunnel to get to a better spot to film from and was caught in there when a train came cruising through it….can you believe that?
Mortality is a crazy subject and it seems as though in the world I live in, I unfortunately hear about a lot of this shit that I don’t want to.

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