Haircuts and movie lines

After a lengthy time of growing my hair out for the winter with less than a trim to speak of…I managed to get into the scissor man for a decent & stylie cut. Still trying to grow this shit out though, so nothing too crazy. Something about the spring time with me though, that makes me want to do crazy shit with my hair though. You can all laugh now, but its true. You just gotta switch that shit up.
Moving on to more exciting things though….I auditioned for this commericial, which was completely out in left field for me and had no intention of ever doing something like this. It kind of just came up, and I thought is would be a cool and interesting experience, so I went. Kind of reminded me of meeting with the cliche ‘greasy’ dudes you see in the movies, to do a reading of a couple of lines. I guess it went okay, but to be honest i really have no idea of what their perception was. It’s all good though, and I wouldn’t mind trying more of it in the future….at least as a side gig to skiing and everything that I have been doing with that.
Life is crazy right now. Especially this particular week, since my friends from Falling Forward Films ( ) came into the town out of the blue to try and do some shooting to finish up there Utah segment for next year’s film. They are bunked out at my place drinking whisky and coke all day while editing and logging footage for their teaser. Always good times with those boys.
Hoping to get out and do some skiing tomorrow and see if we can manage some shooting in the trees or something that doesn’t require an amazing light. I really want to get some film time in the flick since I am sponsoring the film tour this coming fall. Always a better incentive to have some personal footy in the thing.
Salt Lake is super greybird right now with drizzling rain….a melancholy afternoon.

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