Back in Salt Lake

For once I refrained from actually gettting on my computer constantly during the weekend and tried to enjoy all of the things going on while I was in Steamboat. It was such a killer time….I cruised on the Greyhound Bus overnight to Glenwood Springs Colorado where I met up with Mancini.
Once we got into Steamboat, Max and I realized that we really didn’t have a huge agenda to deal with. So we checked into the Grand at the base of the mountain, scored some white robes and proceeded to drink cocktails and hot tub.
The next day we literally had most of the day to ourselves to chill and cruise around the mountain, since the festivities did not begin until around 4pm that afternoon. It started off great though with a killer VIP tent complete with an X Box, full bar and catered food. We basically had time to drink wine and beer and play video games and watched the Gin Blossoms. Talk about taking you back to the 90s and some junior high tunes…haha.
We did some product tosses from the stage and they introduced us to the crowd, which is always such a fun time…our friend Chris Anthony had rolled in from Europe to emcee for a few hours….it is always good to see him, such a cool guy. He and the rest of the WM people were keen on getting off to dinner soon after that and we indulged in some killer food at La Montana.
Dinner was the best….and more drinking ensued until we decided that Max and I were going to go on a Cougar hunt at the bar….we failed.

The next day was just as rad…..

Now back in Salt lake….did some filming with the Falling Forward guys and the Powderwhores yesterday @ The Canyons and trying to get things dialed in to finish out the season strong.



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