Stoked for the Week

It has been an amazing weekend..Not necessarily in terms of skiing, because I haven’t been up really at all. It is that time of year for me, when I am transistioning into other aspects of skiing and the other projects that I have going along with it, so it doesn’t really pain me as much as one might think.
I’m looking forward to the end of this coming week though, as I will be traveling out to Steamboat Colorado, to do some filming and Press work for The Warren Miller Experience. It is always amazing to see my friends from WM and it will be nice to get back to Steamboat again. I was last there in November during the actual movie tour, which was a great experience.
I just finished working on the content for, which I’ve spent most of the morning doing. Sundays are always enjoyable days for me, when I can sort of veg out on my computer and just work on something that I love. Skiing has really taken on a new face for me this year, with the website and just my own personal growth. It is fun, because I don’t get ‘burned’ out or bored doing it, I think mainly due to the fact that I have several different aspects of it rolling at once.
well I’m off to work on some other things now and have to wait some tables tonight to try and get some more cash together for the trip coming up this week. If you are going to be in Steamboat this weekend, drop me a line and come and say hello at the event.

Listening: Talib Kweli



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