Booters and Goggle Tans

Yesterday was chill…cruised up to Brighton with the Powderwhores in an attempt to film in some fresh snow. Been difficult this week with bad light conditions, so weren’t able to get anything that amazing.
We stepped out a pretty big BC jump (70ft?) in the Brighton Backcountry. Snowboarders know how to build shit that is for sure.. We struggled getting lift…and you had to pop super hard to set a spin. In reality we needed more time spent on building and shaping it, but there was a bit of lack of motivation in the end, because the light was so flat. Managed to get a decent 3 with a grab, but it just didn’t feel that smooth. Hoping to get back up there with some fresh white in the next few weeks and get some shit done.
Was up until 3:30 am last night and most definitely got a late start this morning…going to wait some tables tonight in hopes of getting some cash together to get out of town next week. Going to be heading to Steamboat for the Warren Miller experience to do some athlete appearances and what not. Going to be great to see some of my friends and hang out with them there, so looking forward to that.
Should be a good weekend!

Listening: Beck (Guerro) & Glassjaw



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