New Cafe’s are my favorite

Took the last couple of days off like usual to get caught up on things and make sure that everything is organized and on track with all that I have going on. Sometimes I crack myself up when I stop to think how much is rolling at once. Maybe I have multiple personalities managing my time and different activities??? Haha…it wouldn’t suprise me at all.
My friend Dan Ruppel came in from Bozeman and we hit up the Canyons resort today. I met Dan last year for the first time out in Maine at a telemark competition. He was an Alpine skier that put on teles for the comp with some of his friends. I lost track of him until he popped up on the site a few months back and I found out that he converted to Telemark skiing exclusivley! Now he is on the site all of the time and he is progressing so much it is rad.
The entire experience of meeting younger kids that have picked up the sport and actually get on my website to find out what is going on all of the time is amazing. It continues to baffle me how much love goes into skiing and it is really cool to be a part of seeing people find something they like to do and share it with others. I hope I can continue it for many years to come…it helps me stay happy everyday knowing that what I love to do, is something I share with so many out there!
This morning Lorin left for California with his girl for her spring break. I ended up with Zuko, his little chihuaha, and am going to take care of him for the next few days. I took him for a walk when I got home from riding and found a killer Cafe just two blocks from my apt, so I took the dog home and came back to do some work….it is awesome that it is here and I am going to look forward to spending more time here in the weeks to come. Each Cafe is a unique experience and I always enjoy finding new ones. This particular one is quiet with an older crowd and classical music playing…I sense that more affluent people and those with more ‘class’ tend to come here for their cup of joe. I am looking forward to endless hours of people watching and wondering.

Listening to: At the Drive In & The Ataris



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