The Eve before the Shred

I think that sometimes I enjoy not riding for a day or two in anticipation of going out and having a big day, when I dont’ have to be anywhere except there that day. Today I spent the day getting up early and going to the Gym, working on my apartment, working on emails, phone calls and finishing the night by waiting tables. A full good day and I feel great. It is nearing 1 am and I feel great knowing that I’m knocking out my thoughts on the computer and that I get to shred with some people tomorrow…life just rocks.
Last night, my friend Chelsey drug me out of my ‘hermit’ mode, as she calls it and took me to the dollar movie to see “Walk the Line” the movie about the life of Johnny Cash. Amazing film and I really enjoyed the insight of what this man’s life had to offer. Great film all around and it would take too long to dig into how it made me feel and all of that good shit, but it is enough to say that it made me reflect on my own gig and what I’m doing. To me that is the point of good art.
Looking forward to some soft snow beneath my feet tomorrow! I hope everyone out there that reads this gets after as well. Happy turns.

Listening to: The Jealous Sound



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