Home sweet home

It is great to get back. I got home around 9pm on Thurs. night and was up at 6 am to shoot with the Powderwhores the next morning. We cruised out for 2 hours to Mt. Raymond in the Utah BC to get some shots done. I was able to lay down a few good lines in some fresh good snow. Oh how its good to be back in Utah!
I skied on the TEAM Prophets, which kill it and I’m enjoying the good ride. I’ll admit that I struggled a bit on the hike though as my new Trace boots and the Big skis about killed my legs before I made the first turn. It’s worth it though!
Been waiting tables the last couple of nights and super stoked that I am up on my bills. I’m in a better position this season then ever before and I don’t mind having to go back to a ‘real’ job to keep the ski life alive. Life is good…so i figure keep making it better.
I think tomorrow I’m headed to Park City to ski with my team manager from Columbia…haven’t met her in person, so should be a cool time chilling and getting to know her better. More than anything I just want to make some turns and hoping for some new snow. It has been great since I landed back here and I can only hope the trend continues.
Can’t believe that it is March already and that the season is slowly coming to a close in the next couple of months..crazy crazy crazy.

Listening: Talib Kweli – Reflection Eternal



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