Oh god I need sleep now

Of course I am sitting down at 1:30 AM to write my blog for the day and the fact of the matter is that I need to be up in about 2 1/2 hours to go to the airport, where I will wait for about 7 hours before actually catching my flight. My buddy Cody Smith blew up his knee and is headed home on a 5:30 am flight and the boys have to get skiing and filming, which means my ride to the airport is earlier than I would like….no worries though.
Today was pretty rad! We finally went up to the mountain in the late afternoon and went night skiing which was so epic!!! Fresh pow to partake of and most enjoyable. I really enjoyed my time up here at Alpental and Snowqualamie, the skiing was really good. The overall vibe of the trip could have been better and more productive, but I always want more. Hopefully the FFF dudes will come back my way to get some more filming in. I finally saw some footy of earlier stuff this season and am way stoked on what they have gotten thus far. The movie tour and everything else is going to kick ass.
I’ll be back in Salt Lake around 7:30pm tomorrow and looking forward to getting back there and getting some more filming done. Crunch time!

No tunes tonight.
peace out ya’ll



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