smells like skunk

Man…it has been a bit of a trying experience trying to get anything done since I arrived in Seattle. We have not had anything but stormy conditions and no real snow to speak of. Cody crushed his knee yesterday and is out for the season, which completely sux since he was seriously killing it. He is most definitely one of the most underrated freeheelers out there and what you don’t know is that he is such a rad all around skier…..such a freak accident. NO good.
So today we got up early in hopes that the mountain would have some new snow, despite the 2″ that they reported, but we found it to really not be much better. The zones @ Alpental are ridiculous and would be killer if we had some more snow and a bit more light to shoot, but we had a fun day cruising around the nearby BC and scoping out the goods.
Now it is time to kick back and drink some PBR and chill out….we’ll see what tomorrow brings and hope that I get some shots before I bounce back to SLC.

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