Coffee & Seattle

Today did not really turn out how I was hoping. Unfortunately we got a late start this morning were unable to make it up into the mountains. We had a killer breakfast though at this great record shop/diner in West Seattle…loved it. I will have to get the name and make sure to write it down for next time.
After deciding it was too late to ski, we went down to Pike st. to shoot some lifestyle and just hang out. It was fun…i had a lot to get done as far as computer work went though, so it could have been more enjoyable. Its hard sometimes when you have other things on your mind and it is difficult to just relax. I don’t really feel that I am at the point to just chill right now…i like to go go go all of the time. It keeps me happy.
Looks like skiing tomorrow and I hope we can get some stuff on film, since I am looking at going home towards the end of the week, most likely on thursday. Gotta get rolling on some things.
Tonight I made my way to a nice coffee shop on the AVE near where I am staying and met up with an old friend Gus. It was great to see him and catch up a bit. Going to knock out a few things till the cafe closes and then head home for the night.

Watching movies on the way to Seattle



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