Seattle 3 AM

Just got into Seattle not too long ago and my dumbass decided to drink a rockstar because I was thirsty when I got here and now I can’t sleep ’cause my heart is pumping mad amounts of blood through my body now. Haha…Oh well. I guess it is good and means i can get some work done tonight.
Tomorrow the plan is to get up casually and head up to Alpental/Snoqualmie to check out the snowpack and what we want to do for the next few days. I still need to figure out my work situation back in Salt Lake City and figure out if I need to cover some shifts. That hopefully won’t be too much of an issue as I would like to get some filming done here with these guys. The season is passing quickly and I really want to get the segments down in the films I am working on.
Life is super good though…been really happy and focused on good things. Being on the road has been refreshing for me, besides not eating as good as I would like and of course I would like to be skiing more than driving, but it is all part of what I do. I am looking forward to getting some things done here. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some time to get some groceries and and work on some things for and plan the week out better.

Listening: Nothing….I completely forgot to start the itunes.



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