Kicking it in Tahoe

So it was wednesday night and I get the call from this friend of mine that he just got a 600$$ ticket from hitting a parked car and that he can’t go to the Freeheel Open in Tahoe…so that meant that meant finding a ride. My buddy Cody Smith from Colorado happened to be coming through earlier on Thursday so that seemed to be the best option.
Hopped into the car with him and Austin Corry and we cruised on our way to Truckee, California. It was rad to be back with the bros and cruise on the road. This is not one of my favorite drives I’ll admit, but we had a good time. By Winnemucca we had bough 40s of Malt Liquor and got wasted while Cody (who doesn’t drive) listened to our bullshit.
We are at Lorenzo’s house now and getting ready to go ski some Pow before the rail jam practice begins around noon. Stoked to be here!

listening: The Jealous Sound



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