Feeling Good

Tuesday nights are always a good time right????? Well I’m actually just saying that because I really have no idea what significance today has other than it is a good day like the rest of them. Been working hard the last couple of days and nights in preparation for going out of town this weekend to Tahoe, California for The Freeheel Open and Big Mountain competition. Should be a really good time and I am looking forward to seeing all of my friends from all over!
I finally got back on skis this past weekend and was able to hop in a Heli for the first time. I was on that adventure with the Powderwhores, a Telemark Film company, and we headed out to a area never before filmed in the Wasatch. The heli operation only gets permits a few times a year, so it was fortunate that we could be a part of it this time around! I felt really good with my knee and was happy with my skiing for the day.
Got some new skis mounted up and am ready to hit the road in a few days. I’ll keep ya posted.

Listening: Head Automatica “Decadence”



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