The eyes are shutting

I’m @ the coffee house and it is almost midnight on a Tuesday night…….just got done with around a 13 hour work day between two jobs. I spent the early part of the day making a deck behind my friends house, which was definitely a new experience. It was awesome looking over and seeing my little Rocker brother Lorin pounding nails with me…I just thought to myself, ‘what the hell are we doing?’ I know we are slaving away to make money to do what we love, so that makes it worth the time and effort.
Life is such an interesting experience. We strive to just make a mark on the world doing what we love and it is humerous at times to see what kind of clutter we can come across in terms of life goals and what ‘we think we should be doing.’ I was telling my little bro today, that I know how easy it would be to pick up a normal job and just do the day to day earning money and going about my business. I just don’t think I could do that though….I just always have this urge to be part of a cause or something like that????? I mean everyday I get on my website and see kids stoked on Telemark skiing and music and all of that, it makes the day seem worth everything I do. Even skiing to me, or playing guitar and creating songs to express something I’ve written offers me the peace I really think I strive for on a daily basis. Life is good.
Things have been more quiet for me lately as I think I have picked up the pace on what I am doing and it really just doesn’t leave much time to do anything else. The ‘Task’ List on my Outlook/Calander is overflowing…haha. Have been earning some cashola though, working on my website, and working on some songs. I just recently began writing a song in Portuguese, so that has been nice, to utilize that….since it is often months that I don’t get the chance to communicate in that language.
Well cheers to the world…goodnight.

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