Ah the Sunday!

I always seem to enjoy Sundays, as it usually means that I am up a little later in the morning and sleeping in can be nice. Often times I stroll down to the Cafe to grab some coffee and then work on my content for my webzine . Sunday is the day that I have to get all of the content to AT (the web guy) so he can upload it all. Things are going great with the site and I feel really fortunate to be a part of something like this…it has been an amazing experience to see the growth of the sport just this year alone and witness more first hand with videos and pics from kids around the world.
It looks like I am going to be back at waiting tables full time for the next few months while I am back here in Utah. I’m not too bummed about it as I know that it will be good to have some $$$ for trips and also for investing in all of my projects going on right now. My main focus the next few months is to really get involved with the Film projects that I have going on and secure good segments for all of those. I have a good start with most of them, so I am just going to try and stay healthy and get my tick list done before summer.
Also been playing a ton of guitar lately and been focusing on polishing up my set so I can start playing out in the next few months. Music really gives me that outlet to express my lyrics, which in most cases is what is more important to me. Music just gives me an excuse to share….my guitar playing continues to improve, but it is nothing extra ordinary….

listening to: Thursday / Full Collapse



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