Almost good to go

Like I was saying in my brief post before, I have been out with a small MCL tear in my right knee the last few weeks. It was a bum deal, but I feel like things are good and I am going to get back on skis by mid next week. Super stoked to get out there again and start skiing.
The down time has been nice in terms of refocusing and getting things organized so that I can finish the season strong and ensure that everything is how I want it going into the summer. With skiing being such a big part of my life and my occupation, it is nice to know that I can ski year-round and that despite injury there is really time to get things done throughout the year….such a nice thing to know.
The last couple of weeks have been good….just chilling back in Salt Lake City, Utah with friends and getting some work done. My website is booming and many of the ski companies are really interested in what I am doing. It feels good to have created a new outlet for athletes and especially for kids that are really into pushing the limits of what can be done. It is an exciting time for Telemark and there is really no telling where things are going to go!
Tonight I’ve just been running around town trying to get a bunch of things done. I had a dentist appointment earlier and my mouth is barely getting back to normal, which is nice. I really hate talking to people when half of my mouth isn’t functioning. So busting out some work and listening to Damien Rice….soon to be off to my apartment to do some remodeling and reading! All is well in the holy land of Utah…haha



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