Was up at 4 am to catch an early cat ride up at Alta. The Levitation Dawn Patrol was out in full effect today, Snowboard, Alpine…Freeheel. Yep that’s how we roll…and it will only continue to get better….
It is so rad to be part of such a sick group of riders….i mean I’m seshing with Julian Carr, Billy Pool, Dylan Crossman and a ton of sick ass snowboarders…we headed up to Rocky point and Tuscarora thinking the light would break for the sunrise. It would have been money$$$ with some new soft snow, but a storm blew in and we got the shaft.
So then it was on to skiing with a friends future brother in law. I was basically paid to go ski with this guy…a ski with a pro deal that he was given for Christmas. I guess all I was missing was the bow and wrapping paper. But hey I had a blast and the guy was super chill. I love doing things like that anyways, so it was great to get some skiing in.
Now I’m at the cafe, so tired from the long day, but trying to get some work out of the way. I have a new layout going for FHL and have a lot of work to do to really make things come out better this week.
Pray for POW.
madsen out



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