The last couple of days have been nice to have off…well at least from skiing. I have been on my computer a bunch working on things for . So stoked for how that is all going, it has been a pretty amazing process and looking forward to the future of it. I am constantly having all sorts of crazy ideas to add to my biz plan.
Excited to get back onto some skis tomorrow and begin working on some things up in the park again. It will be nice to get some new things dialed and I am feeling good about my run and the work I need to accomplish in the coming weeks.
Wissman just called me and was telling me about the Wolvy photos…he said that they were so sick! So I am really excited to go and check those out. I’m hoping that it is a big step up from my past photos. That is all I can hope for is that I am skiing harder than last year.



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