The Late night chill sesh

Today I decided to take off…the last couple of days have been full of good shredding and working on things for the upcoming contests. I feel strong and like I’m moving in a good direction of personal progression and mental as well. I think the hardest part right now is just finding time to do everything. This time of year gets busy and I try to pace myself a bit in order to stay healthy and not get too beat up.
One thing I was super stoked on this week was the opportunity to ski with some kids in Park City that I have met through . It is so rad to see such enthusiasm in 16 year old kids for freeheel skiiing. Its fresh and something I can relate to and It helps keep the glow inside of my dream to see this sport become a young sport. Its these little groups of kids in each area of the globe that have just latched onto the whole thing. They just get it…something I can’t explain, but really binds the freeheel community. I’m looking forward to seeing what else ‘pops’ up as things progress. The future is bright.
Tonight, just sipping on a warm mocha in the coffee house. I’ve got to start putting together the content for, which is something I start organizing about this time of the week. The entire website has been phenomenal for me to watch. I hope that I can continue to learn as we move forward with the concept and make this into something truly unique and special over the course of its existence.
Tomorrow I’m off to Park City Mountain Resort to start putting my run together for the US Open. I feel calm about preparations, but eager to have the sureness of the snow beneath my feet . I still have plenty of work to do to get everything to the point of competition worthy. I’ll keep it posted.



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