Life Is Good

Life’s been great being back in Salt Lake City….the exciting thing is truly how much is going on right now. It has been years in the making, but I feel like I have a legitimate ski career going now that takes up all of my time. It is something that I can focus my mental efforts on as well as physical. That is an amazing concept for me and I am looking forward to the rewards it will bring in terms of life satisfaction.
Took the day off today and rested my body a bit. The first two days of filming proved good, or at least they made me so sore…it feels like I was doing something. We are headed out tomorrow as well. I am going to be filming with the Powderwhores again to work on my segment with them. Looks like it is going to be another park day, hopefully with better weather though, as yesterday was a bit ‘gloomy’ for shooting.
Life is good…..



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