Riding Utah

It has been an amazing feeling for me to be back here in Salt Lake and to be able to get on my skis again. Yesterday was really the first day back on snow other then a few days I got in during my tour breaks the past month and a half. It felt good.
The Levitation project went out yesterday with a bunch of the snowboarders, freeheelers and on of the alpine guys…it was an amazing vibe and we just took over the canyons park and destroyed it. The synergy of the people in this project is what is going to make this thing huge. I’m really looking forward to more and more as the season progresses.
As for my personal riding…I’ve been really happy with what I’ve done the last few days up in the canyons park. I have a lot to do to get ready for the open and everything else that I need to do this year, but I feel I’m off to a great start….Today I filmed a bit for the Powderwhores and was stoked on what they have going on and where I fit in their big picture. I have the potential to have some great segments with everyone this season, if I focus and work hard every day. With all of the new tricks I learned this summer and my focus on skiing more boldly in the big mountains I’m looking forward to bringing some new things to the screen this year.
On a last note, I heard that I have a two page spread in the next Telemark Skier magazine..Stoked.



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