Good ‘Ol California

This California leg of the tour has been nothing but amazing and has proved to be the perfect ending for this once in a life time adventure. Last night we premiered the show to 1500 people in Costa Mesa, CA which is part of Orange County. What was exciting was that they had only anticipated about half of those to show up. On top of having a great crowd, a few of my friends and family showed up and I was also given the opportunity to sign a lot of posters for people.
Tonight is my last show of the tour in Pasadena. I’m definitely not sad about the tour being over however I am going to have to get into ‘game’ mode now as I return home to Salt Lake City. Coming out to California I feel has been a great balancing tool for me before I start my season and focus on my winter goals.
Thanks to all that have helped me along the way with a place to sleep, food to eat, or just being rad. The ski community is an amazing thing and it continues to impress me how giving people are to those that share the same passion for something. Cheers to the good things in the world.



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