On The Road Again, Just Like Yesterday

Thanksgiving is here and I’m in Killington, VT. The last two shows for me in Lebanon, NH were great. A little smaller, probably due to the holiday, but tons of stoked kids came out so it was worth it as always! I am fortunate to have had such great crews to work with in my journeys the last month.
Following the shows I decided it was time to leave good ‘ol NH and move on back into Vermont since potentially I have a room waiting for me here in Killington. It is still to be determined, but should be a good time. Katie is on top of things and really trying to hook things up for me for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
I’m not really bummed on not being home for today’s festivities. I guess I just feel focused on what I’m doing and it is easy to grasp the concept that it ‘just didn’t work out that way.’ I am happy about going home for a few days to reload on energy and get ready for the California shows, which I’m really excited about. I am hoping that they will prove to be a different crowd, just how the East Coast was different from Utah and Colorado.



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