I Made It To Killington, VT

It’s really not that incredible that I made it through another night of sleeping in my car. I see myself as a modern day mountain man, making my way through the world…haha. Okay Okay that could be a bit of a cheesy stretch, but it makes it sound better than I’m poor and sleeping in a borrowed car.
Yesterday was a blast. I love when I am the only athlete in a small town that maybe isn’t used to having one of the athletes come to the shows. I was able to sign a bunch of posters and I feel like I am really able to make more of a personal connection with these types of places. A nearly sold out show last night, but I’m not really sure what will happen tonight since it is the night before Thanksgiving.
I’m thinking after the shows tonight maybe heading out towards Killington. My friend Katie is trying to hook up a room for me there through ASC so I have somewhere to stay for Thanksgiving….it was kind of last minute, so we’ll see what happens. It would be nice to have a place to chill on Thanksgiving so i don’t have to eat PB&J’s in a Dodge Truck w/ the heat blasting.
Tour has still got me stoked. I love each day so much…and it is amazing to me how focused my mind is on what I’m doing right now. Everything seems to be extremely focused on skiing and all aspects of my life right now point in that direction. It is beautiful.



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