Burlington, VT

Gran Marnier parties have more than kicked my ass on this tour. I have been able to keep things pretty under control, but it seems the nights that we have these VIP parties, things get epic. Last night was killer. We had some great shows in Burlington, lots of people showed up for both shows. I did a promo appearance between the shows at a local bar. That’s when things started to get crazy ‘cause everyone was buying me drinks.
We made it through the second show and then it was on to the bar for some dancing and carousing…haha. It was the Warren Miller experience for sure. I’m beat today though due to some serious lack of sleep and the obvious hangover factor. Tomorrow I have the day off here in Burlington and am looking forward to just chilling out and enjoying some peace and quiet. I could definitely use the rest in order to get ready for the shows in Lebanon. I guess Lebanon is a big industry type town, so we should see a good crowd.


The Flynn Theatre in Burlington, VT



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