New York at Three AM Sux.

Okay so East Coast time means that its really 5 am, but that is still pretty early. Ya know that feeling of waking up after sleeping for only 3 hours, especially on a plane? That’s about where I am at right now. I of course found my Jet Blue Wireless Hot spot right outside the gate, so I am back to work…haha. Just can’t get away from my little computer.
I still have a few hours to kill, so working on Content for FHL as well as some stuff for Falling Forward Films. I have taken over doing the PR/Tour stuff for them. I may have mentioned that already, but hey…my brain really doesn’t work right now, for REAL. Should be in Burlington around 11am and the first show I don’t think is until 6 pm. Looking forward to a rowdy crowd, so hopefully they come through for me.
Well the East Coast begins….



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