Beaver Shredders

Last night it was back to Logan, UT…a place I lived several years ago and one of the shows I was most excited to come to. I bumped into people that helped me along the way with my ski career as far back as when I was trying to make the US Telemark racing team. I also saw people I worked with at the resorts and even some kids that I had coached in Rugby. It was great to come back and see everyone.
Funds are definitely getting slim….sometimes I laugh at myself ’cause I like to push things as far as I could possibly go. The thing I have learned though is that things always work out. Always! There is never a time when if you go for what you want, that you fail . Even if things don’t work out the first time that is not failure but rather part of the process of succeeding.
Well gotta get home to SLC. I have a short Hitchhike and then a couple of bus rides…then it is packing and getting ready to fly to the East Coast tonight around midnight.



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