Salty Lick

Made it back to SLC in one piece…I know…I know, I am a bit suprised myself, but the Tele Gods must be watching over my little hippie self. I literally walked into my apartment for about 5 minutes and then it was out the door to visit my friend Sarah Clemensen, rockstar telemark chica. It was to be a nice night of mellow hot tubbing and wine, unfortunately it turned to a wild time of saki and being loud. So I have yet to sleep in my own bed, since I spent last night on Sarah’s couch.
I only have tonight in Salt Lake City, so I think I am going to focus some energy on my apartment remodeling. I have spent most of day running errands and little things to get ready to jet out of here again. Tomorrow night will be in Logan, UT and I think rather than cut it close I am going to just come home friday morning and get ready for the East Coast. At least I can do the one show there in Logan though, which will be great. Definitely looking forward to that one.

**On Ipod> The Jealous Sound ‘Kill them with Kindness’



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