Stuck In Grand Junction, CO

Well the Greyhound ride yesterday proved to be as radical as I always hope. I’m EXTREME people….Ya know me…haha. I am totally kidding, I mean I always like a good story, but this was almost too funny.
We pull out in Denver only to make it about ten blocks before the driver realizes that we have a bad transmission and need to go back and switch buses. Then running an hour and a half late we run into crazy snow up near Loveland pass. As we reach the end of the eisenhower tunnel a older man in the front of the bus begins to complain about his heart. I am completely serious…he thought he was having a heart attack. So then we stop and have to call an ambulance…
By the time we actually got to Grand Junction, CO we had missed the bus that was leaving for Salt Lake City. I was able to hook a hotel up, which was nice. As long as I have the internet I can stay productive on some ends of things, so that has been nice.
On a better note, the Denver shows were absolutely amazing! Around 16,000 people attended. SCORE!



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