Lost In The Big City

Well somehow I made my way to the Ramada Inn last night on the other side of Denver. My friend Max told me Obermeyer had a room that I could stay in…but by the time I went there, the night had become completely crazy and drunken. I won’t lie people….the Good ‘ol people at Warren Miller know how to get it done.
We kicked the night off with the VIP Gran Marnier Party…with an open bar and tons of hip industry types walking around. A few glasses of wine and some great conversations and then it was on to The Paramount Theatre to throw some t shirts out and sign some autographs. Great times for sure. It was a sold out show again and the place was packed.
Then it was on to drinking and hanging out in the hallway with everyone…when the film ended we cruised to a killer bar down the street by way of skateboard. I definitely would not recommend getting drunk and then skating anywhere, but we managed to do it. I surfed on my stomach down 16th street, cheating death a few times.
The night was great…so stoked on all of the great friends I’ve made on the tour so far!!!



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