I Dislike Being Home

It’s 10pm on a Monday night in Salt Lake City. T minus 22 hours till I get back to the greyhound station…the gnarliest place on earth, but I love it. Random people walking around, some not knowing where they are going but you can tell that they have peace in knowing that. Others just can’t afford a plane, nor have a car to drive somewhere. I fall somewhere in between the two catagories. All I know is that being on the road offers me some kind of peace that I cannot find somewhere else….I am so thankful for the opportunities that skiing has given me.
Being home has been good and well….good. Life is always good, just sometimes it is harder to bear….tomorrow I am going to jam some rails up at brighton. Stoked to just be in the mountains and watch other create their own art.
Next stop…DENVER, CO!



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