Salt Lake City Punk

I made it back to the home town for a show tonight. It is kind of weird to come back to this place with all that has been going on. I definitely live in a different reality right now….and I can only hope that it continues for a long time to come.
Tonight I have a show with the Ski Utah people at the Rose Wagner theatre…it is an industry folk night, so should be a good time to network and drop some cards with some new faces. I have a few days here at home, but most of it is going to be spent working and getting things ready to get back on the road for the next little while. Pretty excited for all that is to come though.
Another thing that has me really amped is the success of my website, I am above the numbers I was shooting for for this month and I can only hope that it continues to get better as time goes on. It is an exciting time.



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