Aspen Noche Dos

Aspen has been a great experience for me. This town is full of life and it has been an awesome experience getting to know so many new people. Just the fact that I get to chill with so many athletes and forge new friendships with them is an amazing experience. In two days I have had time to get to know Chris Davenport, Ted Davenport, Kifor Berg, Bridger Gile…and a few others. A time I will surely remember.
One thing that is interesting about being on tour and traveling to these different cities, is that I am realizing how small Telemark skiing is in the scheme of things. I mean I have always known this, but at times I forget how it really is due to the fact that Telemark is Me…and that is what consumes me and makes up who I am. At times I can feel the inner struggle of talking to people that just can’t see the vision. Freeheel skiing has the potential to reach so many new people, but it can seem a bit overwhelming when you are out here by yourself in towns that have never heard of what you are doing or even the ski company you ride for. At the same time I love challenges and any inner struggle I might feel is quickly overcome by what is real, and that is the fact that it takes one person to start change amongst many.
The next few days I have off, so tomorrow I’ll be heading to Boulder to stay at Cody’s house until the show this coming Wednesday. I think Boulder will be a great time and I am looking forward to some down time to work on some things like my website and figure out how to get some extra money together for the coming months, which is always an issue. Hopefully things will continue to improve in that department as they have in the past few years…work hard and it all works out for the best.



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