Winter Park Madness!

Just arrived in Winter Park, CO and it is so beautiful up here. It was the winter of ’97 since that I was last here. That winter was amazing and we were on an 11 day ski trip….skipping High School and just traveling as friends! Today doesn’t feel much different….a quiet drive down from the snow covered pass revealed Mary Jane and then Winter Park, unveiling lost memories from times past.
I made my way into the town of Winter Park and went in search of the Silver Screen Theatre. There I met up with Chris Anthony for the first time, a super nice guy as I had anticipated. He is going to be the MC for all of the Colorado shows, which means we are going to be spending quite a few shows together. As for now….just chilling at this killer coffee shop near the theatre, catching up on some things and making sure that everything is solid for the coming days.

The shows were super solid! Winter Park is a town for the hardcore skiers and boarders. It showed in how they acted during the show…They were much more quiet and just there to watch…all good though. I did make the mistake of going to meet my teammate Decker Jory at the local bar by the venue. He and his friends are trouble trouble!!!!! They are a rowdy bunch of dudes, but so cool and they really took care of me while I was in town. I’ll be going through Winter Park again this winter for sure.
After an hour break it was onto the second show….Oh boy, everyone at the second one was LOADED. It was so fun…people screaming and cheering. And then there was my buddy Decker again, who during my segment stood up and made the entire place aware that I was sitting next to him…some funny shit for sure, but it made the experience…On to Steamboat Springs!



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