Hello Colorado

The epic 10 hour bus ride is over and I have arrived in Denver, a bit sleep deprived…but happy nonetheless. This trip over on the greyhound was much more quite then last time I came out here. Easy to say, since there were no screaming babies or drug induced outbursts of people thinking we were off the road and under water.
I made it to the Starbucks on 16th street in Denver….a place I found from my explorations last visit here. The air is brisk and winter seems much closer here than back home in Salt Lake City. Hopefully I packed enough warm cloths to get me through this first leg of the tour.
I am very much looking forward to the tour to kick off in Winter Park tonight. It is exciting to be here and be a part of all of this. Chris Anthony is going to be the MC for the Colorado dates, so that will be cool to meet him, since he has been with this program for the last 16 years or so….I am hoping to learn a lot from him and the rest of the crew I meet in the upcoming shows.



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