Hitchhiking Love

The Saturday night premieres were just as amazing as the first two nights. The Egyptian Theatre was packed for both shows! Perry’s Egyptian Theatre is a really old one located in the downtown area of Ogden Utah. It has various balconies and the ceiling is a special starscape illusion that is created when the lights go down.
Flex, the MC and I became good friends as well as the other crew guys, FIG and Keith. We joked around a bunch and had some good times between shows…I am confident that I will make many new friends in the coming months of the tour and the season in general.
Following the shows…I made my way to I-15 by foot and managed to catch my first ride with a group of guys that were at the movie. You could tell that when I opened the door to get in, they were wondering why the guy the just saw signing autographs was now thumbing his way home to SLC. We had a nice quick chat about skiing and the movie in general…good times. They dropped me off in Layton, where some really cool kids picked me up within about 15 min.
The contrast of being on the big screen and signing autographs to hitchhiking home was priceless….it is that kind of mentality that has allowed me to do the things I want to, and I plan on keeping that going for as long as I’m alive.



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