More of The Goodness

It is like 7:15 AM….I have been up since around 5 AM getting ready to come out to my news interview @ FOX 13 in Salt Lake City. Now I am just sitting behind some hotel, jamming out to some Mieka Pauly and waiting to do a phone interview with 97.1 KZHT. Pretty wild life I have going on these past couple of days, I won’t lie.
The first premiere is in Park City tonight, so this is definitely a day I have been looking forward to for quite sometime. Ya know, one thing that has crossed my mind quite a bit the last few days is that I don’t think that I realized how much I have wanted and waited for my life to be how it is right now…I tried to find it in music before this and skiing has just turned out to be my vehicle to do all of this. It is definitely a difficult thing to explain, but it’s there….and has been for quite sometime beneath the skin.
The day continues on after this with a Karhu meeting to figure out how we are going to assault Utah with our ski products. It has been long overdue so we decided to get together and make a joint push with athletes and ambassadors. This should be the first stab with a new dagger of life, that is Karhu…in the Telemark scene here in Utah.



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