And I’m Off

Wow….it is kind of a ‘trippy’ experience to go from one type of life to the other. I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone about it yesterday, saying that ‘this is what i have been waiting for all summer..’ , yet when things really change it is pretty wild.
My interviews all went really well yesterday, including my appearance on Park City Television with Jeremy Nobis. It was cool to chill with him again and say hello. He just flew in from Alaska, where he and his buddy Tommy Moe are buying a Lodge up there. He was then taking off to Japan with TGR for some premieres. It was a cool feeling to see eachother for the interview and then know that there is someone else out there hitting the road in similar fashion. I can only hope to meet more people like that in the coming months. Those are the people I can relate to on a different level….the nomads of the world…beautiful.
The next few days will be full of similar activities and stuff leading up to the premieres here in Park City and Salt Lake….looking forward to that.



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