The Teddy Bear Crisis

The countdown has definitely begun…and my winter is on its way to becoming my true reality. With all the movie premieres this past week, my mind is switching more into ski mode. I can just feel the fresh feeling of skiing life in my veins again.
Kris Ostness is a genius and the Teddy Bear Crisis is by far the most interesting ski movie of the season, thus far. He manages to find ways of incoporating incredible indie style film making into a ski film…..absolutely amazing. I am looking forward to buying it and watching it throughout the winter often.
He is definitely someone I would like to work with in the future. Just for the mere fact that I enjoy his film making style, and he is legendary when it comes to making films and documenting some of the early progressions in skiing in the late 90s….movies like Clay pigeons and Tee Time were so ahead of their time.
Maybe if I keep working hard and pushing my skiing limits I can make it into one of his future endeavors….



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