The Wonders of a Laptop

Today marks a very interesting day in my life. I now own a computer….this is the moment I have been waiting for, the moment of change….and at the same time, i can feel the overwhelming feeling that I am going to be on this thing non stop.
A laptop has truly been the missing link for me in creating a lot of what I have in the past few years. It is amazing that i never owned a computer up until today. Cheers to finally having one.
This morning Black Diamond held there annual swap. It was awesome to be out early in the morning and see all of the outdoor community coming together for the ‘first’ gathering of the year. It gets bigger and bigger every year.
The premiere for The Teddy Bear Crisis is tonight, so I am psyched on that, i can’t wait to see another Kris Ostness movie….a brilliant film maker and his ski movies are unbelievable….I make sure to give it a short review afterwords.



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