The PowderWhores

It’s my birthday and I couldn’t be happier…today marks the first day of winter in my mind, although there is no snow on the ground. I have my first movie premiere tonight, and my first solid part in a Telemark Film….so the season has begun.
In reality I only have a few more shifts at my summer job before I hit the road, so in essence I am home free and I can definitely feel it mentally….I may have even said it in my first blog, but this summer was hella difficult for me. Stepping off the plane from Europe, knowing that winter was over and that I was going to have to get a ‘normal’ job. It has all been for the greater cause though, and one does what one has to do to survive.
In other news….been working on solo material on my guitar and almost have a full set of polished acoustic songs, I am hoping to start playing out again at some point this winter…a lot of these lyrics have been a work in progress for the last 3 years and I am looking forward to having a creative outlet for them. It will also be nice to play them, so I can focus on newer concepts of the present time.



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